Alan: Scotland, ‘ One on One 4 Day Residential Retreat’

Tomas, Hong Kong: One on One Coaching: 2 Years

Atul: London, ‘One on One Coaching’: 6 months

Tim: London,’Social Confidence Coaching’: 1 Session

Josh: London,’Social Confidence Coaching’: 2 Years

Tiago: France, ‘One on One 3 Day Residential’

Dhruba: London, ‘One on One Coaching’: 2 Years

Tiago:    ‘One on One 3 Day Residential’

Bikash : Nepal, ‘Energy Healing’

Sal : London, ‘ One on One Coaching’: 3 Years

Anthony: Australia  ‘One on One Coaching’: 3 Days
You have taught me what it means to be a man.

Adam: London  ‘One on One Coaching’: 6 months
Hey my name is Adam and I have been working with Sam for over six months now.I have attended a number of his seminars as well as doing some one-to-one training.
Initially, I found trying to answer the question ‘explain transformation that has been occurring since working together’ very difficult to answer at first.
And then it struck me.
The way I feel now is totally different to the way I felt a year ago.  This is also manifest in my current life situation and the actions I am taking right now.  Real change happens bit by bit over a long period of time and Sam’s influence has been key to my personal growth.
He has adapted his coaching style over time to match my needs and goals and ultimately help me achieve what I want to in life.
For me, as cheesy as it sounds, i think the transformation that has taken place is I am becoming more myself.
Each day, I am taking a little bit more control over my life and starting to shape it in a way more inline with my own core values.
The support that Sam has provided has been invaluable and I would not be where I am today if it were not for his help.
Thank you!

Lucy: China, ‘One on One Coaching’: 1 Year
I am so pleased that I find the way to make changes and to improve myself. Many thanks for being working with me and encouraging me! Nothing is impossible! Lets see what will happen on me!
Thank you!


Sean: London,  ‘Social Freedom Workshop’

Jan: London   ‘Social Freedom Workshop’

Matt: London, ‘Social Freedom Success’

Hash: London, ‘Social Freedom Success’

Lou:    ‘Social Freedom Workshop’
Ok. If you want to push yourself to increase social boundary whilst also increasing your exposure for coping,dealing and revealing your true inner self this is definitely a excellent start. Sam offers incite and authenticity to achieve this.

Richard:   ‘Social Freedom Workshop’
Excellent workshop alot of fun but at the same time had so many realizations and broke through so many of my limiting beliefs. Brillant

Mo:   ‘Social Freedom Workshop’
Wow! POWER-full! Where to begin, this workshop has been life changing, 2 days of pure transformation, finding my true self and not being afraid to show it. I was so scared about coming on this course, it’s not the type of thing I would normally try, but I realised if I don’t take the leap now I will just be putting off something that has the potential to help me break out of my shell and help me express myself authentically, which I’ve always wanted but never been close to achieving.

Nerea:    ‘Social Freedom Workshop’
Sam left me without words after being in his Social Freedom Workshop!
I though I was very confident but the exercises we did definitely took me out of my comfort zone which is the BEST and ONLY way of overcoming your social, criticism, and many other fears we sometimes have!
I REALLY think EVERYONE should practice this exercises regularly to remember that WE CAN DO ANYTHING.
If you would like to CONTRIBUTE to the WORLD please attend this Workshop at least ones! You wont regret it!
Thank you Sam!

Dragosh:    ‘Social Freedom Workshop’
I did last weekend the “Social Freedom Workshop”! I felt like an onion! Each exercise removed a layer and at the end of the day you can see really who you really are, not constraint about judges, meanings, feelings, social pressure, etc. It was just freedom! It was an amazing experience and I recommend everyone to take it! It makes a difference. And it’s very funny!!! Sam is really god and knows how to get maximum from everyone. Dragosh

Steve: London, ‘Social Freedom Workshop’
You have given me a complete new outlook on life. You managed to get straight through all of our bullshit and pull us through.
Thank you

Anne: London  ‘Social Freedom Workshop’
I would highly recommend the Social Freedom 2 day workshop to any individual wanting to become a much more sociable and confident person. The course is both practical and theory which helps you to overcome the fear of judgement, and rejection. I was able to engage in conversations with strangers by taking action several times, and before the course, that was almost impossible. This course is so much fun, and Sam helps to take you out of your comfort zone, in a safe, encouraging and non-pushy way. My social confidence has increased and yours will too.


Pedro: Brazil, ‘ Mind Mastery Workshop’ 2 Days

Sarah: London, ‘ Mind Mastery Workshop’ 2 Days

Craig: London, ‘ Inner Warrior Workshop’ 1 Day

Lea: London, ‘ Inner Warrior Workshop’ 1 Day

Tim : ‘ Inner Warrior Workshop’ 1 Day

Chloe:    ‘Communicate With Confidence Workshop’

Matt:   ‘Conversation Masterclass’
I also want to personally thank you for helping with the masterclass. Without you, i doubt my progress would have been as substantial as it was. I am thankful that there are people in this world as dedicated as you that are willing to teach and help others.

Harry:   ‘Communication With Confidence Workshop’
Great workshop. It was very engaging, educational and inspiring. Sam presented the material wonderfully and was very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Leon:    ‘Communication with confidence Workshop’
Thank You Mr Power, I believe you possess the power to change peoples lives…

Matt H:     ‘Conversation Masterclass’
You totally transformed the way I look at things and if i can continue that I’m going to be a much happier person. I’m taken aback by your attitude and how positive it is and I really think you could help me more. So thank you again mate , you have made a huge difference in my life

Mistry:   ‘Inner Clarity Workshop’
I am already practicing Sam’s techniques daily and benefiting immensely. Sam is truly very dedicated to his craft and I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to find and master your confidence. Thank you very much Sam your are a star.

Pedro:    ‘Communicate With Confidence Workshop’
Insightful! Met some really great people and Sam delivered an amazing workshop. Thanks for being such an amazing and inspiring guy, Sam!

Inci:    ‘Communicate with confidence Workshop’
Wow! Such a young, passionate and wise gentleman. I am looking forward to joining your other workshops.

Manjit:   ‘Inner Confidence Seminar’
Fantastic! Seriously impressed This definitely a must for anyone who really wants to get to grips with inner confidence and self esteem.
Sam is a great speaker and shows a sense of depth and understanding that is both powerful and inspiring. He should write a book!
Thanks so much for running this course, Sam -it is a real treasure!
Manjit x



Charlie: ‘Inner Peace Retreat’ 2015 Buckinghamshire

Kush: ‘Inner Peace Retreat’ 2015 Buckinghamshire

Hash: ‘Inner Peace Retreat’ 2015 Buckinghamshire

Sophia: ‘ Inner Peace Retreat’ 2015 Suffolk

Mathenan: ‘Inner Peace Retreat’ 2014 Kent

Charlie: ‘Inner Peace Retreat’ 2014 Kent