Skype Support

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In the meantime, below is some information on how to set up an Initial Consultation with Samuel

Initial Consultation

‘The Effortless Way’

This 1hour-1hour 30 minute consultation offers you:

1: The chance to gain greater CLARITY and INSIGHT into where you currently are
on your ‘journey’. How you may be SABOTAGING YOURSELF and practically how to bring more
PEACE, LOVE, CREATIVITY and JOY into your life right NOW.

2: The chance to feel if working with Samuel Power in greater depth serves you. If your gut feeling tells you to inquire further you can learn in more detail about Samuel Power’s in depth services.

Investment: 49 pound to be transferred at the latest 24 hours before the session takes place.
To be sent either via paypal at or via bank transfer to
Acc number: 11358066
Sort code: 070116

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after the session, you genuinely feel it did not work for you, you have you money returned within 24 hours.

Please send the following information to

1: Your Skype Name ( If its a Skype Session)
2: A Brief summary of what is it that draws you to this session. What are you looking for? 🙂
3: A couple of time slots where you are available in the next 2 weeks.

Once your session time has been confirmed, if you need to rearrange, please do so at least 24 hours before the appointment ( unless genuine emergency arises).