Retreat Preview!

What's it all about?

Our Retreats help you to deepen the connection to you ‘True Self’.

By True Self, we mean your innate peace, love, joy and creativity.

In the current state of affairs many of us have been conditioned to disconnect from our True Self and identify with a ‘false self’. We have been hypnotised by the ‘robot mind’ to unconsciously keep running around a never ending hamster wheel  that goes nowhere. We have been told that peace and happiness is outside of ourselves and we better keep moving fast in order to grasp it! We have been told that we are separate individuals located within the body. This creation of the separate self now means there is somebody to protect and lots of ‘others’ to compete against.

These basic assumptions that happiness and peace are outside of ourselves and that we are apparently a ‘separate self’ lacking something invites fear to run our lives. This leads to suffering in many different forms such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of death, never ending stress and unease, resentment, jealously , comparison, unworthiness, anger, physical illness, destruction of relationships, loss of motivation etc etc…..

Our retreats help you to turn inward and experientially see what is true for your experience?

We are not interested in creating new beliefs or relying on old beliefs to make us feel safe. We are interested in leading you directing to ‘what is’.  We are interested in you taking full responsibility for your existence. For you to observe with your own experience that you are inherently enough right here right now at one with all of life. 

We help you to connect to the ESSENCE of what you are, beyond your ‘story’, beyond your conceptional sense of self…it is here where your freedom lies 🙂

The Program

Start and Finish

1st Day Arrival 12.30-1pm 

Group Introductions: 1.30pm

3rd/5th Day Closing Circle 5pm

3rd/5th Day Finish 6pm


Morning ‘Meditation’ together before breakfast 

Evening ‘Meditation’ together before silence

Flexible structure, designed to suit the collective energy of the group. 

There will be ‘ Group Sessions’ that last typically 1h-2hours. In these session a variety of themes can be explored depending on what intuitively feels right.

Common Themes: Exploring our inner resistance to life, Surrender, Faith, Love, Energy Alchemy, Nature of Mind, Nature of Consciousness, Inner Warrior, Creativity.

Potential Activities: Meditations, Yoga, Qigong, Chanting, Walking in Nature,Singing, Dancing, Cathartic Release, Massage, Heart Sharing,Whatever the group needs!

Ideal state is to attend the retreat with no expectations and open to surrender to whatever arises.


While there is beauty in group sharing we also encourage silent time to just be with yourself during the retreat at different stages.

Before breakfast at 9.30am

During ‘ selected silent times’

During meals

After 9.30pm

Meal Times 

( No lunch on the first day, no dinner on the last day)

All meals included in the retreat and catered for

Healthy, home cooked food

Please send a message to Mei at if you have any dietary requirements

Breakfast 9.30am

Lunch 1.30pm 

Dinner 6.30pm




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