One On One Residentials

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What’s It All About?

1 – 5 Day Solo Residential , All food catered for.

The residential’s are a fantastic opportunity and a gift for yourself to completely step out of your world and into a fresh open space of inner exploration and rest.
To Drop your ‘life story’ and step into your aliveness. Going back to your ‘roots’, your ‘Essence’.

You have your own space just to be :). No should’s , no expectations, nothing to solve, nothing to grasp….

In the current state of affairs many of us have been conditioned to disconnect from our Essence and identify with a ‘false self’. We have been hypnotised by the ‘robot mind’ to unconsciously keep running around a never ending hamster wheel that goes nowhere. We have been told that peace and happiness is outside of ourselves and we better keep moving fast in order to grasp it! We have been told that we are separate individuals located within the body. This creation of the separate self now means there is somebody to protect and lots of ‘others’ to compete against.

These basic assumptions that happiness and peace are outside of ourselves and that we are apparently a ‘separate self’ lacking something invites fear to run our lives. This leads to suffering in many different forms such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of death, never ending stress and unease, resentment, jealously , comparison, unworthiness, anger, physical illness, destruction of relationships, loss of motivation etc etc…..

Our residential’s help you to turn inward and experientially see what is true for your experience?

Compared to the group retreats, the one on one experience typically allows one to go deeper within.

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