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What this site is about

LOVE! A loving presence of ‘isness’. An Acceptance of what is and an underlying understanding that  we are all ENOUGH JUST THE WAY WE ARE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Thats right, you are enough right now, this moment is enough, THIS moment, not tomorrow, not in 10 years but NOW.  We help you to ultimately expand your AWARENESS of what life is. Not on a conceptual intellectual level but on an experiential level.Instead of connecting with yourself and the world through the narrow scope of the intellect, we help you to connect with everything through an experiential feeling. This type of awareness ultimately reconnects you with life long peace. It will allow you to fully surrender to life and trust in your innate abilities to share your unique gifts with the world!   This type of awareness helps you to celebrate the gift of life! Because in truth, none of this life business is serious, once you truly understand who you really are, you realise there was never any problem in the first place…

Samuel and his team empower people from all walks of life through the medium of seminars, products, workshops, retreats and one on one coaching.  While there still may be a lot of suffering in the world, we are aware that this suffering is created by ourselves or more precisely by our states of mind. As more and more people realise this, a global consciousness shift is occurring. We aim to accelerate this process by helping as many people as possible who feel lost in this world to remember their truth again.

Samuel Power

He helps you live life the effortlessly way!’
‘Samuel Power’ is a beautiful expression of life, just like you. He has always had something of a leader within. A knowing that one of his gifts is to inspire others to empower and free themselves.
He has gone deep into the understanding of what it means to be human, dedicated many years to
find his truth. His strong desire for self-liberation has taken him to extremely dark states of being in order to truly rise up like the phoenix and lead with experience and conviction. He knows the game of suffering, depression and fear very well and has learnt in great depth how to bring others out of these states, ultimately back into ‘light’. 

• International Speaker :delivered coaching,seminars,workshops and retreats worldwide ( UK, France, Australia, Nepal)
•  Lived and learned from Yogis in Sri Lanka, India and Nepal
• Master EFT Practitioner 
• Reiki Healer
• Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher ( Trained with Osho Divine in Nepal)
• Qigong Teacher 
• Vipassana Practitioner
• Training in Coaching and Hypnosis 
• Improvisation Teacher 
• CAPD Presenter 
• Worked as a Coach, Speaker and Healer in Platinum Mind University, Your Charisma Coach, The Happy World Company and Transcend The Mind.